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Friday, February 17, 2012

Anti-inflammatory Mo

Prior to this FET, I gave you guys a bullet-point list of all the things we did this cycle in the name of regret management...from IVIG (which I guess I need to sign up for treatment #2 of), to lovenox, to acupuncture.

Something I didn't mention because I hadn't decided what to do about it yet was diet changes.

This January, for my fortieth birthday, Will took me to a health spa in Miami Beach. We are far too plain and no frills to be spa-type people, and the whole experience was nice enough, but really surreal. One of the things I did that weekend was see a nutritionist, which I have never done before. I was completely honest with her about both my diet and about the very real practical limitations to fixing it, such as me often not making it home from the hospital until after 9pm at night. And cooking after that? Ain't going to happen. She was great and had lots of helpful tips on how to improve things, what frozen meals are healthy (think Amy's or Kashi), what snack items would be good for me and easy enough to actually have happen (like peanut butter on rice crackers, or lentil chips with hummus, or sardines with baby carrots).

One of the other things the nutritionist had me do was a bunch of blood work to look at food sensitivities. I don't have any food allergies, but she gave me a test that was supposed to see if my blood serum reacted with approximately 150 different food items. The results give you a list of foods you reacted to, with 4 being the worst reaction and 1 the most minor (0 if no reaction at all).

And lo and behold, I came up positive on over 20 food items. No 4s on anything, thankfully, but a couple of 3s (Filbert nuts - who even knows what that is?! brazil nuts, and eggs - which is a major bummer), several 2s (brewer's yeast, alfafa, oysters, tomatoes), and a bunch of 1s (including bakers yeast, lemons and limes, navy beans, yellow wax beans, cranberries, kidney beans, mushrooms, almonds, vanilla, and wheat). The nutritionist also had my blood tested for gluten sensitivity, which I tested in the intermediate range for at 27 (above 20 is positive and above 30 is moderate to strong positive). The results were mailed to me about two weeks ago.

And at first, I was like - you've got to be kidding me - I can't cut out wheat and gluten and eggs and tomatoes. What is left?! I tried to dismiss the whole thing in my mind. I've been eating these foods all my life and am not aware of any reactions whatsoever! What a bunch of hooey!

And then I thought...upcoming FET...possibly your last...regret management...remember regret management?! Ugh. So the day before the transfer, I cut all of these foods out of my diet. I have not been 100% perfect - there have been a couple of things that I started noshing on before I realized eggs were an ingredient, and I did have one rice-crust pizza that had tomato sauce on it.... But I've been probably 98% adherent. It is tough. Especially because I don't really believe in it whatsoever.

But I'm thinking that if there's anything I can do to reduce inflammation in my body, anything that might stimulate an inflammatory response that could adversely affect the pregnancy, I'm going to give it a try. At least until the pregnancy gets a little more established. Or, really, let's be honest. At least for today. Because it has been hard to eat following this, and so many of the things I like are now off the list of possibilities. And I still don't get home until 9pm many nights.

So a little crazy, I think, and probably doesn't matter. But in the spirit of wanting to have done everything in my power to give this pregnancy a chance, I am sticking with it for now. This plus the boatload of drugs I am on (aspirin, claritin, prednisone, pepcid, lovenox, vitamin D, supplemental folate, multivitamin, fish oil, progesterone, estrogen). Phew.

These are the kind of crazyish behaviors that have evolved in me after 6 failed pregnancies and 7 IVFs. I chuckle at myself, and I remain a total skeptic about much of this.

And then I dip another rice cracker in my tub of organic lemon-free hummus.


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